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IMAGE Ways to combat damp in your home
So, you have a damp problem. This can be horrible news in quite a lot of ways, not least for the fact that it can be pretty tricky to remove. The key when you’re dealing with any form of household damp problem, Be it in the walls, the ceiling, the flooring, or even all of the above, is to remember that damp by its very nature is a problem that isn’t going to be resolved i...
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IMAGE The Tyn Rhos Restaurant in Caernarfon
North Wales has a host of amazing places to eat and drink, and you may not have heard of the best of them all. The Ty’n Rhos Country House Hotel in Caernarfon tends to live a double life. The first of these lives are as a high end hotel which is an extremely popular destination in the North Wales area based on the virtue of its fantastic attention to detail in all respects &nda...
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IMAGE Navigate Rough Waters with an Accountant in North Wales
Having an accountant in North Wales around ensures that throughout your life, you can make a series of savvy decisions which will ensure that you don’t pay over the odds in your dues. The services of a good accountant in North Wales or beyond generally goes far further than payroll services, it comes with advice in order to not get fleeced at every single turn. Taxation is a se...
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IMAGE St Tudno Hotel Llandudno is A Charming Restaurant Too
North Wales is very well known for its array of beautiful seafront hotels in Llandudno, as well as the spectacular beach. Llandudno’s West Shore is a beautiful stretch of sand which allows seaside fun for the young and old, as well as views from Llandudno’s fantastic pier. There are a series of beautiful hotels in Llandudno which can allow fantastic views of all of this, as well as the...
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IMAGE A Will is a Roof so Dont Botch It
No one wants to think about getting a will, as doing so is an admittance of defeat. Of course, all of us think that we’re going to be around forever, and that getting a will is either admitting the fact that we won’t be here forever (and facing some very hard thoughts about the status of family and friends alongside that) or conceding that perhaps we’re getting on a...
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IMAGE Villager Stoves Inexpensive Quality For Your Home
What do you look for in a stove? Is it traditional design, excellent features, unprecedented power, or is the first thing on your mind the way that your stove will look in your room? As of course we’re all different and each and every one of us want something different from the crowd, it can be pretty difficult to strike the right balance between something unique and something viable enough ...
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IMAGE Luxurious Help to Buy Apartments in North Wales, Colwyn Bay
Many of us dream of waking up next to the coast and being able to experience gorgeous views of the sun setting on the horizon every evening. Coastal properties are typically associated with luxury and often a hefty price tag, leaving many of us to simply dream about our seaside home without ever seeking it out. There may be some hope for this, and it comes in the form of a new Welsh Governmen...
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IMAGE Su Casa and Electric Wave Festivals In North Wales
There are a number of exciting festivals coming to Snowdonia, for example the Su Casa Festival 2017 at Surf Snowdonia which is coming very soon on the last bank holiday of May.
The first ever event of its kind, this incredible land surfing site will no doubt be one of the most talked about points of the year as a bevy of world class DJs descend into the Welsh valleys for the Su Casa Festiva...
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IMAGE SPECS Reliable SPM Control Systems
SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH is a company which have always pushed the boat out when it comes to innovation. This German company are innovators through and through and are a well-known and respected name when it comes to the field of STM Control Systems as well as the production of instruments for surface science, materials research, and also nanotechnology.
Over SPECS 30 years of exist...
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IMAGE Visit the St Tudno for a Fine Dining Experience
We all like to experience a little bit of luxury every now and again, whether it’s by stopping in a fancy hotel or enjoying some fine dining.
When it comes to choosing a restaurant, there’s no town better than Llandudno for scenic coastal views and a fantastic choice of dining options. This charming town has been a popular resort since the Victorian era, with much of the ar...
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