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IMAGE A Yearly Check List for Your Wood Burning Stove
Maintaining your Wood Burning Stove is something which should never really be overlooked. It’s best to ensure that your stove is running in tip top shape for when it’s truly needed, but you don’t have to resign yourself to paying well over the odds every single year in order to use the thing. Following our hard and fast guide to making sure that your wood burning stove is properl...
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IMAGE A Beginners Guide to Wood Burning Stoves
Winter’s almost here, and energy bills are set to rise again. Many homeowners are opting to purchase wood burning stoves in order to keep costs down while staying nice and warm, but it can be considered quite daunting to take the plunge. Many homeowners might dread visiting a showroom – fearing that their “first time” status might mean that they’re put at a disadvanta...
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IMAGE Why Use Flexible Heating Jackets?
Residual Gas Analysers are amazing instruments. RGA applications have been used in research for well over 25 years, and throughout the last 10 years of the Residual Gas Analyser, their usage has been almost entirely changed. These analysers can increase product yield and reduce costs – even more so with the usage of flexible heating jackets which work to maintain the temperature of the surfa...
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IMAGE The History of Venue Cymru
Venue Cymru is a fantastic addition to the seaside town of Llandudno, allowing residents of this rather quaint little town to enjoy a number of theatre shows, musical performances and events that normally would be out of reach to those who do not live within cities. Venue Cymru has it all – a great stage, excellent numbers of seats, and a series of high quality seafront hotels in Llandudno. ...
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IMAGE Luxurious Dog Training Holidays In A Breathtaking Environment
Dog Training conjures the idea of regimented lines full of owners and dogs stood to attention, and a dog trainer behaving in the manner of a drill sergeant as he or she barks out orders to both master and hound. Sit, heel, and fetch are fundamentally easy skills to master, and are generally taught in conventional dog training. Of course, your dog learning to understand commands in regular dog trai...
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