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IMAGE Dont Get Caught Out by HMRC
HMRC audits have turned into a rite of passage for very many small to medium business owners, and some even go as far as believing that only after your first HMRC audit, you’re no longer a new business. Saying that, they can be completely terrifying. You don’t have to be under suspicion of any wrongdoing at the Tax office in order to receive notification that the Taxman will be visitin...
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IMAGE Lle Hari Restaurant in Llanrwst is Back!
We are delighted to inform you that one of the most beloved restaurants in the North Wales area is back with a vengeance just in time for the festive season, and boasts a brand new chef. The Lle Hari restaurant in Llanrwst is most certainly one of the very best places to eat in the whole of North Wales, giving diners a cut above the usual dining experiences available in the region.
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IMAGE Climbing in Snowdonia
Snowdonia is by far the most beautiful region of North Wales, and there are a number of places which are just about perfect for anyone getting into climbing to test themselves. The region also offers a series of other neat perks, such as excellent accommodation along the lines of climber-friendly hotels in Betws y Coed and other places, great restaurant options for kicking back after a good day ou...
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IMAGE A Yearly Check List for Your Wood Burning Stove
Maintaining your Wood Burning Stove is something which should never really be overlooked. It’s best to ensure that your stove is running in tip top shape for when it’s truly needed, but you don’t have to resign yourself to paying well over the odds every single year in order to use the thing. Following our hard and fast guide to making sure that your wood burning stove is properl...
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IMAGE A Beginners Guide to Wood Burning Stoves
Winter’s almost here, and energy bills are set to rise again. Many homeowners are opting to purchase wood burning stoves in order to keep costs down while staying nice and warm, but it can be considered quite daunting to take the plunge. Many homeowners might dread visiting a showroom – fearing that their “first time” status might mean that they’re put at a disadvanta...
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